Day Eight 2/22/14
Made love this morning, slept in, took a bath together and ha bacon and eggs for breakfast. Hubby left to do a weekend job so I mopped the house and cleaned all our linens along with looking into flights to see his grandparents. When Hubby got home we just hung out and had leftovers for dinner and watched TV.

Hubby's older sister said their Dad threatened to cut her out of his will if Hubby didn't sign some business ownership papers he doesn't want to sign. His Dad is trying to take away his right to leave his share of the business to whom he sees fit upon his demise and he hoped threatening the sister would put the heat on him. Hubby did not fall for it and reminded sister that a caring parent would never make such a threat because one should have nothing to do with the other. I am proud of him for sticking to his beliefs, not because I want that inheritance (it will go to his sisters also) but because he is not letting himself be bullied.

I made they payment to my student loan today with the wedding money I got, I now owe $7,000 even. I am hoping to make large payments like this back to back to get it down. If the bondage modeling works out and if my parents give me the tax refund those will be large chunks towards it which will be helpful.

I rate myself a 5/10 today I didn't do much but keep Hubby company and work on a few things around the house. I think I need to specify my point system further so I can base my points on certain things, each of these things equals 1 point:


Day Seven 2/21/14
Made love this morning. I think I prefer to make love in the early evening because this morning we felt rushed afterward trying to get ready to go to work together. We helped each other and managed to get out the door.

Along with my office work we went to lunch with Hubby's Mom and 2 of his sisters. The Mom and older sister agreed with us that his Dad's and Uncle's gifts were "fuck you" gifts. I asked my step-mother-in-law in the most innocent way I could and she said the church gift was to bring an element of the church into our marriage, I left it at that.

We tried to look at a house to buy today but our realtor couldn't get the app for the auto lock to work so it waster an hour I got tired and crabby because that left us leaving work at peak traffic hours. We whipped dinner together when we got home and then left to go to a theatre production of the company that is doing the show I will be in next.

It was nice to see the people I will be acting with and I am looking forward to doing the show. We ran into some people that went to our wedding and they said our wedding was the best they have ever been to. Come to find out there was an error in the info given out about when the run dates are, it interfere's with a conference Hubby wanted me to accompany him to. There are ways to work around it that we going to try to manage together.

I rate myself a 8/10 today. I went to work, we got household chores done and had quality time out and at home.

We didn't go out afterwards and I was glad of it. We cuddled and went to bed.

Day Six 2/20/14
Made love this morning but only for a few minutes, sometimes we become intimate and then just cuddle and talk and I really like that.

Today I helped my parents by going to their house an hour away and helping my Dad clean and grocery shop and make dinner while my Mom is out of town for medical treatments. My Dad's mobility is limited so this help is needed.

This was a very easy day I got to rest and I got to spend quality time and I got home in time to go out with Hubby and new sister-in-law country line dancing before she flies back home.

I give myself a 5/10 today. I make money when I help my parents but Hubby feels I should be spending all my work time at his business, I disagree but compromising with him is important now.

Day Five 2/19/14
Hubby and I made love late last night and again this morning. We have been together almost 8 years now even though it is only day five of marriage so I feel pretty confident that our sex life will be consistent.

Hubby helped me with morning chores so we could drive into work together. Along with my office work today I ordered our wedding Thank You postcards, paid the utility bills (also correcting being overcharged by 2/3 of them) did my tax return and started trying to find a home or shelter for pregnant outdoor kitty. For dinner we ate the stuffed cabbage I prepared yesterday knowing we were working today. We finished the evening chores together as well.

I looked into alternative work today, I could make a quick buck doing sex webcam or bondage and Hubby says it is ok. It wouldn't bother me at all I hope they call I would use every penny towards my loan. My tax return this year is pathetic $124.00 usually I get $1,100.00 This is because my parents put money in my name to protect them against the possible tragedies of age. Hopefully they will give me some of it back as I depend on it greatly and it is their doing that I lost it.

Hubby and I watched Flowers In The Attic tonight, it is a very sad story. I think the moral is the selfish will be punished.

I rate myself a 8/10 at marriage today. It was a calm, average day in which Hubby helped a lot and for that I am grateful.


Day Four Cont'd 2/18/14
I was able to have dinner on the table and romantic music playing when Hubby came home, I was also wearing one of the nighties given to me at the bridal shower. Hubby rated me a 9/10 today for my efforts and I agreed. We went on our first husband and wife outing to Bed Bath Beyond and scored a new bed set on sale using the gift cards given as wedding gifts. I then say bored at the cell phone place but keeping quiet because Hubby is getting a better phone plan. I wish every day could be like today.


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Day Four 2/18/14
Stayed home today with the intent of being productive and I succeeded. Not only did I clean the house, organize the remaining wedding stuff, cook dinner for tonight and tomorrow, and take my car to be cleaned, I also made a lovely spot for the outside kitty to have her babies out of a large cardboard box and old comforters. True, I did not earn any money today. I spent $40 on my monthly car wash fee, plus $2 tip, plus $8 in drinks for the house. However I did calculate how much money I have to put towards my student loan for the wedding $1200! I will add a bit of my money in the bank as well. I also got to take a little nap today which makes me feel energized and more productive. I love the days when I can stay home.

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Day Three 2/17/14
Still sick today. Hubby and I both work for his family business owned 70/30 between him and his Father, Hubby owning the smaller share. Hubby went in for a full day. I puttered around the house and then met him for lunch. We discussed a million goals, none of which can be worked on today. I was already feeling sick again so I went back home and rested. I did manage to put spaghetti and leftover meatballs on for dinner. When Hubby came home I put the groceries away, we both cleaned out the fridge, mopped, vacuumed, took care of our 3 naughty kitties, put away a mountain of laundry, and took the trash out.

I give myself today a 5/10 for trying my best because we both put in effort in spite of fatigue. Not phenomenal effort, but effort.

Both our heads are spinning with the upcoming things that we would like to get done and things that need to get done in the next year. Here are some of the biggest ones:

(Now that we are married these things are also my goals and I must help to achieve them.)
(Hubby will not be putting any of his money towards my student loan)

That last one is my main motivator for starting this online journal. I am hoping I can do it all and still be a good wife. We have a very strange existence that will reveal itself as time goes on.


Day Two 2/16/14
Exhaustion and allergies have brought me to where I am now: a fever and a nasty head cold. Hubby loves to go canoeing, I go sometimes for him but not all the times he goes because I want to be good company when I come along. We were supposed to take his family from overseas today but he went along without me and let me rest. I spent the majority of the day sleeping.

Something made us both very very angry today. I didn't think it was possible for a gift to make us angry but it did. Hubby's Father gave us art as a wedding gift. We are not EXPECTING gifts from anyone, but we did make it clear that we registered for practical things like grocery store gift cards and all cash is going towards my student loan. This art looks like something my flower girl could have done and the tag was left on $500, it came from a community art group his Dad and his fancy friends belong to, the artist is also wealthy already and a friend of theirs. We felt like this gift said, "We did this to make ourselves look good." In addition, his Uncle gave us a donation to his fathers church for $250. We do not attend that church, his uncle does not attend that church either. The donation was not even made in our name it was made in honor of our wedding which was not even held at that church. WTF? That $750 would have been 8.2% of my loan paid! We would rather they gave us nothing. COMMUNITY? ARE WE UNGRATEFUL VILLAINS? Or do we have a point?

I rate myself a 0/10 today for being the best me I can be in marriage. I was the one that needed the help today and I was all pissed off as much as Hubby. However I don't think today was important that I tried harder as I was sick and the opinion on the gift was shared.


Day One 2/15/14
So, do all newlyweds make love on their wedding night? We did for about 15 minutes in the morning before we admitted we were too distracted and really should get to the post-wedding brunch on time. So, technically yes but it was more important for both of us to spend time with our family and friends that flew in for the wedding.

I did as much of the wedding planning as possible but today I realized there were no solid plans to get all our decorations back home. Thankfully our wedding party was ready and able to assist.

We are supposed to wait until a year from now to eat the top tier of our wedding cake but one of my bridesmaids and I were very unapologetically nibbling at it before being forced to put it away. Anyone reminded of that scene from What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

I ducked out to attend a read-through for a community play I was cast in. I thought it was a paid gig, it is not, I am still trying to figure out a way to break that news to Hubby. I shouldn't be spending time on anything that isn't paid right now. It is only until the end of April, though. The director introduced me to the cast as, "The girl who just attended a wedding." When I corrected him that it was mine he felt terrible for asking me to come in and the cast picked on him mercilessly for it. I took responsibility for the misunderstanding I just assume the whole world knew it was my wedding.

After that Hubby and I took his family that was in from overseas to an attraction. I normally would never squeeze so much into one day but I knew it was important to him. In return I rested in the car and I wasn't obligated to join them for late night drinks later on.

I rate myself a 7/10 today for trying my best at marriage. I got things done for myself but I also did things for my new spouse. I will reveal more about how we live on a day to day basis as we go, and about my goals. I am going to try to keep this post anonymous in case I need to vent about certain things. I would like feedback from the community on how I am doing in being the best me I can be everyday for Hubby or am I setting myself up for failure. Time will tell.


My Journal Goals
Greetings Live Journal Community!

I got married on Friday. I hope to write every day for the first year. I want to get feedback from others and I want to reflect on if I am trying my best or what I can do better.

I will post again soon!



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